At West Coast Electrical & Lighting Services, we’re proud of our troubleshooting abilities and our creative approach to problem solving.  When another electrical service company has told a customer a certain job can’t be done, we welcome the opportunity to prove them wrong.
We’ve saved countless customers thousands of dollars by developing economical solutions to their electrical problems.  Below is a small sampling of some of the challenging projects we’ve successfully completed.

Community Seeks Beautifully Lit Water Fountain Entrance

Problem:  The entryway to the beautiful Treviso Bay community in Naples, FL wasn’t reflecting the beauty held within its gates. The HoA was looking for a beautifully lit fountain entrance that was both gorgeous and easy to locate at night.

Solution:   West Coast Lighting helped design and implement stunning lighting to illuminate and maximize the potential of the water feature.

Result:  As you can see in the video, the project turned out fantastically becoming a showcase for the community

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Don’t spend time and money trying to solve electrical or lighting issues yourself. Get the work done right.

    Hotel Put on Fire Watch

    Problem:  Olde Marco Inn on Marco Island was on fire watch for two days at a cost of $1,500 per day because its fire alarm system was not functional.  The hotel’s fire alarm contractor said he couldn’t fix the system because the broken wire was somewhere under a concrete parking lot.  Since he could not cut concrete, the hotel would have to hire a company to tear up the parking lot before he could do any troubleshooting and repairs.

    Solution:  West Coast Lighting received the call at 11:00 a.m.  We immediately sent our technician to the location.  He was onsite within 45 minutes.  He used our underground locators to find the cut wiring under the parking lot.  Once he determined precisely where the damage was, and that indeed it was under the concrete parking area, we had another crew, using a concrete saw and jackhammer, break up the concrete.

    Three technicians then worked to complete the repair and lay down new concrete.  All work was done and the fire alarm system was fully functional by 6:30 p.m. that night.

    Result:  The fire department lifted the fire watch at 7:00 p.m., saving the hotel thousands of dollars and ensuring the hotel could continue on, business as usual, without disruption to guests.

    Apartment Complex Power Outage

    Problem:  The Fort Myers apartment complex Cypress Legends at the Forum had an emergency situation occur.  A 400amp electric meter can suddenly blew a hole the size of a softball in its cover plate.  It caused a major power outage at the clubhouse affecting all the residents.

    Solution:  West Coast Lighting dispatched trucks as soon as the call came in.  We did some quick troubleshooting and found burnt wiring underground feeding the meter can.

    We had our service manager arrange with the local building officials and power company to get the permitting done immediately so we could replace the wiring to the transformer and replace the burnt meter can.

    Result:  We had their power restored in a matter of hours, greatly minimizing downtime and the inconvenience to residents.

    Fort Myers Church Dimming System Fails

    Problem:  Saint Columbkille Catholic Church in Fort Myers had a large commercial dimming system for their sanctuary lighting.  At 3:00 p.m. on a Wednesday the dimming system failed and all sanctuary lighting went out.  Mass was scheduled for 5:00 p.m. that night.

    Solution:  West Coast Lighting immediately dispatched a technician to their site.  As a stopgap measure, the tech was able to temporarily bypass the dimming system to get their lights on.

    Result:  The church was able to hold its scheduled mass that night.  Once we were able to obtain replacement parts, we completed the repair.

    Street Lights Damaged in Hurricane

    Problem:Prosperity Pointe in Burnt Store Marina had 15 street lights that were damaged in a hurricane.  Unfortunately, because the same fixtures were no longer being manufactured, they were unable to obtain replacements.  They would have had to replace all the street lights with new fixtures so they would look the same.

    Solution: West Coast Lighting determined that the damage was limited to the shades and might be repairable.  We found an automotive body shop that was able to remove the dents and repaint the fixtures to match the existing lights for less than $6,000.

    Result:  By repairing instead of replacing the lights, the customer saved over $30,000.

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    Don’t spend time and money trying to solve electrical or lighting issues yourself. Get the work done right.

      Old Fire Alarm System Declared Irreparable

      Problem:   Augusta Village, a 25-year-old condominium complex in Fort Myers, was told by its fire alarm contractor that the existing fire alarm system could not be repaired.  A new system was needed to bring the community’s six buildings up to current codes at a cost of $10,000 per building.  The property manager contacted West Coast Lighting for a second opinion.

      Solution:  We determined that the old system did not need to be replaced.  The problem was with the main motherboard, which we were able to repair.

      Result:  The total installed cost to fix the motherboard was $1,300.00, saving the customer $58,700.

      Church Sanctuary Needs New Lights

      Problem:   First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs was just two years old but had been searching for more than a year for a company that could change the burnt-out bulbs in their sanctuary.  With its 43′ ceilings, this task presented a formidable challenge.  Every contractor who’d surveyed the job said it couldn’t be done.   The church, desperate, was even considering some crazy ideas, such as floating a person on top of balloons to do the work.

      Solution:   West Coast Lighting, using the proper scaffolding and man lifts, was able to reach the light fixtures.  We changed the bulbs and even finished the job a day early, minimizing the costs.

      Outdoor Lighting Keeps Tripping the Breaker

      Problem:  The street lighting at Island Park Village a condominium community in south Fort Myers kept tripping the breaker.   The customer was told by several electrical contractors that all the underground wiring had to be replaced at a cost of $20,000.

      Solution:   West Coast Lighting was asked to troubleshoot the problem and see if we could come up with a less costly solution.  We determined that a small section of wire was burnt underground.  We did the repairs successfully, and the underground wiring did not need to be replaced.

      Result:  The total cost for the repair was $2,000, an $18,000 savings over what the customer was quoted by other electrical service companies.

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      Don’t spend time and money trying to solve electrical or lighting issues yourself. Get the work done right.